Don't Go Crazy, Just Call Daisy!


With Daisy you will get what you pay for! 

Our pricing includes:
1. Our professionals come equipped with pallet of high quality surface specific eco friendly cleaning products.

2. We bring and maintain our own highly effective hepa vacuum cleaners.

3. We are insured at every level.

If one of our staff is injured in your home while doing one of the tasks agreed upon by Daisy Services, you will not need to worry about being held liable for medical attention or loss of wages.  If in the rare event there is any amount of damage to your home, we have you covered.  Daisy will either replace or repair an item if possible or a Farmer's insurance claim specialist will be on the phone with you to solve and pay for any damages that Daisy Services might be responsible for. 

4. We pay social security for our staff so that you will not have to worry about penalties associated with not paying social security for any unlicensed in home staff.

How Does Daisy Price Your House Cleaning?

1. A la Carté
At Daisy we give our clients the option to have a full or partial clean of each space on an ongoing basis. We can rotate rooms, just do the guest bath shower when you have company over, and so much more.  Give us a call and we can schedule a walk through to create a pricing plan that works for your unique needs!

2. By the Room Type and Size
We will go through the contents of your home and the types of rooms that you have to be cleaned on the phone or in person and create a checklist that will be used each time your individual cleaner comes to your house.

3. By the frequency
Daisy prices your cleaning based on the frequency of your visits. A home that is cleaned more frequently will not require the same effort to bring to a sparkle. If you want a monthly update clean rather than a weekly clean, we will spend more time scrubbing those areas that have not been regularly maintained.