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Regular Scheduled Service Inclusions

Regular Scheduled Service Inclusions


Pricing for regularly scheduled cleanings include all of the following items that apply:



  • Dust (ceilings, ledges, wall hangings, light fixtures and vents)
  • Spot Clean (walls, cabinets, light switches, window sills, towel

racks, doors and door frames)

  • Disinfect (toilet, sink, shower, tub, frames and tracks)
  • Shine (fixtures and mirrors)
  • Floor (vacuumed and washed)
  • Trash (emptied and disinfected)
  • Fold (towels)



  • Dust (window treatments, window sills, light fixtures, ceilings, vents)
  • Spot Clean (dishwasher door, fridge door,
  • Disinfect (counter tops, appliances, stove, hood, microwave, sink
  • Shine (window over sink)
  • Floor (vacuumed and washed)
  • Oil (granite counters, wood blocks, table and chairs, sink)
  • Trash (emptied and disinfected)
  • Fold


Living Spaces and Halls:

  • Dust (ceiling, mini blinds, shutters, furniture, TV, banister, pictures, ceiling

fans, lamp shades, light fixtures, and vents)

  • Oil (banister)
  • Disinfect (phones, light switches, and door knobs)
  • Spot Clean (table tops, doors, door frames, window sills)
  • Vacuum (furniture and floors)
  • Mop


Laundry Room:

  • Dust (ceilings, ledges, wall hangings, light fixtures, vents)
  • Spot Clean (doors and door frames, inside ledge and door of dryer, lint trap, bleach dispenser, outside of machines, window sills and trim)
  • Trash (emptied and disinfected)
  • Floors  (vacuumed and mopped)